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Encouraging networking and collaboration between digital creative companies

C6 is a network for the creative digital industries in North Wales.  Our intention is to encourage networking and collaboration between the digital creative companies as well as further and higher education establishments so that we can secure a prosperous future of the industry in North Wales by sharing knowledge, resources and developing education and training in a way that correspond to the needs of business and the digital economy.

The creative industry sector is one of the six fastest growing sectors and it is of strategic importance to the Welsh economy.  It is essential that the networking takes place at a local and national level. There is a need to encourage and nurture talent now and for the future. Wales has a long tradition of providing successful creative content as well as a digital content service. Through networking and collaborating it is possible to contribute towards a prosperous future for the industry in North Wales.

Who are we?

The C6 network is led by a steering group. Its members are employees and managers from leading digital creative businesses, organisations and educational establishments; that include BBC Cymru Wales, Gwynedd Council, Coleg Menai, Glyndŵr University, Pontio, Sain, Cwmni Da, Rondo, Cult Cymru, Galactig, Infinityworks and HPC Wales.

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Aims and objectives

Work together to support and develop the creative media industry in North Wales and strengthen its contribution to individuals, the community and the local economy.

  • To offer a platform that will be a strong voice to represent the creative digital industries in North Wales.
  • To arrange consultation sessions for network members that are relevant to their needs and to also extend a welcome to representatives from business, commerce, academia and FE colleges.
  • To draw upon the experiences of organizations that are outside our catchment area in order to benefit from up to the minute knowledge about developments in technology or opportunities for joint financing.
  • To support the culture and heritage of the area by conducting meetings in Welsh with a simultaneous translator available.
  • To be a forum that is all-embracing and operates formally and informally:
Formal:  meetings between the Network and representatives from the Assembly, Central and Local Government; lobby politicians; share good practice from Wales and further afield in seminars and conferences and lead on relevant funding applications.
Informally: arrange networking events, invite guest speakers and initiate discussions that will stimulate a variety of ideas that can either be developed face to face or through the website and social networks.

Our Research

In order to develop as a network and to ensure that we meet the needs of the sector here in North Wales we are currently undertaking further research.

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