Following Chancellor, George Osborne’s recent Autumn Statement and Spending Review which will see the funding S4C receives by the Westminster Government reduced once again, from £6.7m to £5m by 2019, as Chairman of the C6 Network, I feel that the cuts will undermine the creative industries potential to create jobs in north Wales.  Guidance by S4C is crucial in ensuring growth in a sector that has so much to offer our communities economically and culturally.  It is also a heavy blow that could impact the future growth of the Welsh language.

It is unlikely that we’ll see any decisional shift from Westminster.  It is therefore essential that the Welsh Government plans to invest in and collaborate with S4C and other key organisations such as the BBC to ensure growth in the creative industries and the necessary training and to develop a multiplatform strategy to ensure wider use of the Welsh language.

C6 is aware of how the creative industries can transform the economy of north Wales whilst also creating strong and sustainable communities and protecting the benefits of the language.  There is now a need for positive and swift action by the Welsh Government to prevent any deterioration and threats that could emerge in the wake of these insensitive cuts by the Westminster Government.

C6 is a network formed of various representatives who work within the creative industries with the aim of collaborating and ensuring that north Wales has representation and a strong creative voice.

Gareth Jones
C6 Chairman

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